Rules & Regulations


  • Stay between the RED & GREEN markers at all times!  Otherwise you risk running the boat aground.
  • Always remember “Red Right Return”.  When you are returning from sea the position of the red marker should be on your right.  It is the opposite when you are leaving and headed out to sea the red markers are on the left.
  • Obey NO WAKE ZONES at all times!  The designated No Wake Zones are clearly marked in the channels and inner coastal.
  • Watch the depth finder.  When it reads 5 ft or less slow down and be careful.  When in shallower water be sure to trim up the motor.
  • When trimming up the motor do NOT allow the propeller to come out of the water.  You will loose your ability to steer the boat and damage the engine.
  • ANCHORING THE BOAT: Drop the anchor off the front of the boat 1st.  After dropping the anchor pull on the rope to make sure it’s set.  When bringing the anchor in rinse before stowing it on board.
  • DO NOT beach the boat.  Watch the tides and make sure the boat is floating at all times!
  • ALWAYS put up the ladder before you move the boat. If you leave the ladder  down it will damage it.
  • When a large boat approaches you in the channel, slow down and move passengers to the rear as their wake could flood your boat.
  • Avoid buoys and Styrofoam balls.  These are crab traps that can rip up your propeller.
  • ALWAYS shut the ignition off and pull the key out and just let it hang there when stopped for a period of time.  If you leave the ignition on, the battery may drain.


  • Children under 6 years must wear a life jacket at all times while the boat is moving.  
  • Any child over 6 years, but under 90 lbs. is required to have a life jacket available to them.
  • No drinking and driving.  If you get a BUI (Boating Under the Influence) it goes on your permanent driving required, just as a DUI would. 


Renters are responsible for any lost equipment or damages obtained during rental. 

  • Lost anchor $100.
  • Beaching the boat $400.
  • Broken/lost step ladder $275
  • Broken Propeller: cost to replace it 250.  Dents/Scraps on Propeller: $25
  • Retrieving crab traps: $5,000 fine in the State of Florida (do not retrieve crab traps and steal crabs)